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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – April is Digital Spring Cleaning month and the Better Business Bureau encourages you to take this time to clean out unnecessary data on your computers.

“Tech Support scams remain a common threat with more than 1,300 scams reported nationwide to BBB scam tracker last year,” said Whitney Quick, with the BBB. “A pop up on your computer or unsolicited phone call may tell you, your computer needs imminent repairs. If you allow the scammer to access and fix your computer, they may install spyware or malware that will scan your computer for personal information or monitor your web surfing behavior opening you up to identity theft.” Whitney Quick said.

“Clean up old files. Go through all installed software on your computer and uninstall or remove programs that you no longer want or need. You also should delete bios that you don’t need, update your computer so this is going to keep you safe. Install Updates on your your computer’s operating system and your software as soon as they become available,” Quick said.

“Your computer should notify you about these updates but you can also search for software updates for your accessories, such as printers and routers. backup all your files. It’s critical to backup your important files on a regular basis in case of theft fire viruses, or a damaging power surge and it is storm season, So a good idea to do that now,” she said.

This includes irreplaceable digital photos, documents, email addresses, calendar items, web bookmarks, things like that.

“You can use a local solution like a USB or external hard drive keeping it in a safe place or you can use a cloud solution like Google Drive. Keep your computer secure. Be sure to use virus protection or cybersecurity software to safeguard your computer from viruses, spyware, hackers, scams and more. So be safe and make sure to do your spring cleaning and for more information you can visit,” Quick said.

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